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Here at JWL we carry out Wasp Removal and Control in Glasgow and Surrounding Areas on a daily basis – Do not risk it, Call us today and we’ll come and evaluate your issue with No Callout Charge.

So, should you discover or think you have a Wasp Infestation, JWL should be your first point of contact. We are the experts you can trust to professionally analyse and advise on the best courses of action to take, investigate how large or small your infestation is and identify what stage it is at – we are here to provide a service which ensures the safety of you and your family from these dangerous pests. Do not attempt to deal with a Wasp infestation on your own.



The Wasp Removal Experts in Glasgow

wasp removal experts in glasgow


We offer specialist Wasp Removal Services in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Our team of removal experts will identify the source of the infestation, the problems it is causing, inform and talk you through the various solutions to suit your situation and problem as well as carrying out the treatment and removal measures necessary.

JWL only use the best and most effective measures, products and treatments – i.e. products and chemicals that are environmentally friendly – are fully insured to carry out treatments on all properties and locations. When you choose JWL, you can rest easy knowing that you are in professional hands. Our reviews and customer feedback speaks for itself as does our proven track record. We pride ourselves in doing the utmost for our customers, ensuring they are happy and safe from any infestations, wasps and many other pests in which we deal with on your behalf.



The Dangers of DIY Wasp Removal

the dangers of diy wasp removal


You should not, under any circumstances, ‘have a go’ at trying to remove an infestation of wasps on your own, regardless if you think you have taken precautions and measures in order to ensure your safety. Wasps are a very unpredictable and territorial pest and, once their location is disturbed or interfered with, they are liable to turn violent and attack any would-be attackers and passers by. By attacking in large swarms, this could mean that you, your children, family and pets are all violently stung in the process by countless wasps.

Don’t take the risk – At JWL, we deal with this type of problem on a daily basis and are trained to take the risk and deal with it efficiently and professionally for you. Another very important factor to take into consideration, should you be thinking of tackling a Wasp Infestation yourself, is that it is not uncommon for Bats to be living in attics, cellars and other areas where wasp infestations are commonly found around the home, work places and factories.


Many poisons and wasp treatments on the market can easily kill bats accidentally and you could be on the receiving end of a fine or a court case. The current fine for killing a single bat is £3,000 upwards, with a recent case in England costing a firm £6,000 who attempted some DIY Pest Control. Some areas in the UK will fine you as much as £5,000 per dead bat.


With Financial risk and cost like this, you should not attempt any measures of Wasp Control yourself. We have dealt with many cases were Bats have been present and we have successfully carried out the control and removal of all wasp infestations without harming any other nearby animals or creatures – we are experts in our field and the number one source to trust and advise when it comes to pest control.



Wasps & Bees – The Distinguishing Facts

distinguishing facts between wasps and bees


Many people get confused and mistaken when it comes to Bees and Wasps – it is also worth noting that Bee’s are now endangered and we are encouraged to care for Bees and maintain their life cycle. Without Bees, there’s no more pollinating of flowers and, inevitably, it will effect the human race as we rely on them for the cycle of our flowers and crops.

Our ecosystem needs pollinators to survive. With this in mind, it is more important to appreciate the fact that bees and wasps are very different. Most people just see them and dislike them due to their buzzing noises and sting. But a bee is less likely to attack you unless you are trying to attack it or its hive. Wasps on the other hand are more aggressive and more likely to sting under less provoking circumstances.

There are several ways to tell the difference between the two. The materials they build their nests and hives from and how they feed their young. Where a Bee collects pollen from flowers as a source of protein to feed on, a wasp instead will use meat to feed its young – mainly other insects. A wasp will place a live but ‘stunned’ insect into a chamber of its nest; so that it is still fresh for its young to consume once it has hatched. A wasp will also use grass for example as a material to build its nest as opposed to the bees famous honeycomb hive.

Due to the fact that Bees are endangered – their removal would only be carried out if they were posing a genuine risk and problem to your health or wellbeing. However it is best to call us for in person advice and analysis, as this can be a difficult situation to deal with. JWL are here to help.



Get in Touch With the Wasp Control Experts at JWL

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Should you require any of our Wasp Removal or Treatment Services in and around Glasgow we are here to help! We are on hand at all times to oversee your safety and wellbeing from a whole host of pests and infestations. Our Website is full of useful advice and tips as well as informative technical information on wasp control in Glasgow to help you identify and clarify what you need our services for.

We are also on hand to give you advice over the phone and we’ll even come out and evaluate your issue with Absolutely No Callout Charge. This means, instead of handing over your money before anyone has even seen your situation, we’ll have a pest control expert take a look and will help you decide the best course of action.

You can Find Out More Information on our Services Page where you will find lots of useful tips and information as well as our online shop for various pest control products and pesticides which we recommend and stock. You can also get in contact with us over the phone – through our fast response service.

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