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The Glasgow Rodent Control Epidemic


The City of Glasgow and surrounding areas is currently being over run with rodents – Rats in Particular. With many big stories hitting the media of late and with a supposed council whistle blower stating that thousands of call outs have been missed and overlooked, there is no better time to rely upon an independent expert like us here at JWL Pest Control to handle all of your Rodent Control in Glasgow or the surrounding areas.



So, How Bad is the Problem?

how bad are rodent infestations in glasgow?


The rodent problem in Glasgow looks to be spiralling out of control at an alarming rate, over the past five years the problem has been getting worse and some local council’s are admitting they cannot control the problem at the rate the rats are breeding. The bin collections being missed and complaints of this reaching around 36,000 upwards – it’s no wonder this is providing the perfect breading ground for vermin and rats to spread their disease and filth and grow.



Independent Rodent Control Experts

independent rodent and pest control experts


If you have lost faith in your local authority after complaining about Rats / Rodents or Infestations it is time to contact JWL for all forms of rodent control in Glasgow and surrounding areas. With precision skills and a cost effective rate – we will remove rodents and treat areas to prevent them reappearing and coming back for absolute piece of mind.

The 2nd fire at the Glasgow School of Art, in the city centre, meant that thousands of Rats fled from the sewers and underground tunnel networks into the streets to escape the heat and the burning buildings after effects – this has caused a rodent, vermin and pest pandemic throughout Glasgow. Another alarming case was recently witnessed by a family in Renfrew, where a large number of rats surrounded and proceeded to swarm a duck pen in a local park in broad daylight.



Speak with the Specialists

speak with the specialists


Where Rats used to be mostly nocturnal pests, it’s now becoming more and more common for them to hunt and attack during the daylight hours now in search of food and prey. These examples all happening within a similar time and place just goes to show you how widespread and out of control the situation is getting. Don’t put you, your family, children, pets, homes, businesses or properties at the risk of these vermin ridden pests.

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