Although commonly referred to as a woodworm, this form of pest is technically a species of wood boring beetle. It is generally found in locations where wood and timbers have a high moisture content or where dampness has occurred due to a lack of ventilation. We are experts in dealing with woodworm treatment and removal in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

This pest is actually a species of wood boring beetle
Common Name(s)
Woodworm, Powder Post Beetle, Wharf Borer & more
Dark / Reddish / Brown & Black
No. of legs
Does it have wings?

Common Signs of Woodworm Infestations

The most common signs of woodworm to look out for are usually tiny holes on a woods surface, with live infestations showing a powder substance around these holes (Fras). The size of these exit holes can differ but for the common household species they are typically around 1mm to 3mm in diameter. It is important to remember that time is crucial and if you suspect you have woodworm, as it is vital for such an infestation of woodworm to be dealt with promptly and efficiently by professionals.

woodworm treatment
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The Threat They Pose

Although many will die out, hundreds and thousands will have multiplied causing untold damage to the wood in which they are living. When a woods inner structure, integrity and strength are compromised, it can be a matter of life and death. A typical example being the entire structure of a buildings inner framework being put at risk, weakened to the point of failure making a home unsafe and uninhabitable

How We Can Help

Here at JWL Pest Control we have a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in both spotting the signs of woodworm at an early stage, diagnosing the problem, estimating how much damage has already been done or is likely to occur if left untreated.

We are here to advise and carry out the best course of action to eliminate the problem and ensure complete piece of mind for the health and safety of your property. We offer a variety of methods for tackling the problem from the use of chemicals and insecticides to more environmental freezing and fumigating treatments that are very effective in dealing with the problem.

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