Wasps are feared by a large number of people and are a common pest to find in and around your home, property and workplace in the summer season. These pests make nests and hives in or around a property and can present a significant number of issues towards you and your family’s health. At JWL Pest Control, have extensive experience in wasp nest removals in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Nests in the height of summer can contain thousands of wasps
Common Name(s)
Wasp, Yellowjacket, Paper Wasp, Vespula Germanica
Yellow & Black / Black / Brown / Red / Blue
No. of legs
Does it have wings?

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Wasp infestations can be spotted if you are experiencing a high number of these insects in your garden or around your home, watch the insect’s movements to see where the majority of them are going so you can try and trace them back to their source. Visually check any trees on or around your property, garages and cellars are another common place for these pests to build nests and hives.

wasp removal

Other areas to study are around roof edgings and guttering, air vents and anywhere else where they may have found a way into a buildings cavity, usually high up off the ground. You should always visually inspect from ground level, do not climb any buildings or up any ladders to investigate such a possibility. If there is no visual signs of an infestation, listen out for the sound of these insects with their high and low level ‘buzzing’ noise, which will be amplified and increased the more of them there are, from the sound you may get a good idea of where they might be.

The Threat They Pose

Wasps are generally the more aggressive of the two but both of these pests share the common defence mechanism of administering ‘stings’ into their chosen targets. These nasty and very painful stings pose a significant risk to people’s health and can cause a number of allergic reactions and conditions. It is always advisable to seek medical advice should you be stung and it’s also why you should let us deal with a wasp’s nest or a bee hive on your behalf. These pests will attack in self defence if they feel you are attacking or disturbing their nest or hive in any way – don’t put your own health and safety at risk. Nests in the height of summer can contain thousands of wasps.

How We Can Help

Dealing with these pests should only be done by a qualified professional. Here at JWL Pest Control we can quickly and effectively remove bees and wasps at an affordable cost. We are fully qualified and equipped to deal with such infestations, offering a range of chemical solutions such as liquid and dust insecticides.

Wasps vs. Bees

It is important to distinguish between a wasp and a bee, since they are commonly mistaken for each other. The main differences between the two are in the materials they use to build their nests and hives and how they feed their young. Where a Bee collects pollen from flowers as a source of protein to feed on, a wasp will instead use meat to feed its young – mainly other insects. A wasp will place a live but ‘stunned’ insect into a chamber of its nest; so that it is still fresh for its young to consume once it has hatched. A wasp will also use grass or wood for example as a material to build its nest as opposed to the bees famous honeycomb hive.

It is important to note that Bees are now an endangered species and a hive would only be removed if it was posing a genuine risk. It is easy to confuse bees with wasps and it is essential that you get our opinion in person on the subject matter.

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