One of the most dangerous pests you are likely to encounter, it is advisable that if you have rats in or around your property, you should contact us immediately – as they need to be dealt with quickly. Give us a call today for our rat control services in Glasgow & the surrounding areas.

Rats can transfer diseases like Salmonella and Rat Bite Fever
Common Name(s)
Brown Rat, Norway Rat, Black Rat & Roof Rat
Brown / Black
No. Of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Rats are one of the deadliest pests you will encounter in the UK, meaning it’s vital that you identify – and deal with – the infestation as soon as possible. Common signs of a rat infestation are; scratching noises, droppings found around your house, holes in the walls acting as possible entry points. This is why it is of paramount importance that you contact ‘JWL Pest Control’ if you suspect you have a rat infestation or even if you suspect you have one but cant find any actual evidence, do not take any chances – let us investigate the matter for you and give you our expert assurance, call us immediately to find out what help and support we can provide.

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The Threat They Pose

Rats carry ‘Pathogens’ in their urine and droppings which transmits diseases like Salmonella, E – Coli and Weils Disease. It is also important to remember that prevention of future or returning infestations is crucial.

Rats are a dedicated pest and if they want into your home or property there is no stopping them; they are able to gnaw through soft metal and various other materials to get in, once they are in they will chew through piping, insulation, doors, floorboards and walls to get to where they want to be as well as shredding fabrics and other soft materials for building their nests. The dangerous and deadly bacteria which they carry and spread can cause sickness, illness and ultimately death, if not treated swiftly. Once in your home or workplace they contaminate foodstuffs and food work surfaces, basically any surface which they come into contact with, be it a desk or table top, even if you don’t eat there, the bacteria and disease can still be spread from where the rat has been – passed onto you and those around you.

Black vs. Brown Rats

There are two main forms of Rat species to be found in the UK, Black and Brown rats. Black rats are rarer to find around your home but cases have been known. Black rats can grow up to twenty four centimetres long and weigh up to two hundred grams, when reproducing they can litter ten young up to six times per year. The more common Brown Rat can be found in sizes of up to forty centimetres long and weighing in at five hundred grams. The Brown rats main habitat is sewers and drains. JWL offer a variety of solutions to rat infestations, from various types of poison to different forms of traps, we ensure the right method is used for each individual situation and infestation after which we carry out specific procedures to ensure no re infestation occurs in the future.

We advise that you NEVER try to deal with this issue on your own, due to the dangers involved a professional is necessary! At JWL Pest Control, we offer a variety of treatments for rats and removal techniques, ensuring prompt and professional rat control throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas that are provide a safe way to deal with the issue.

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