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The female moth will lay 40-50 eggs
Common Name(s)
Common clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella
Gold / Brown
No. of Legs
Does it Have Wings?

The Threat They Pose

Pests of textiles and fabric causing millions of pounds of damage per year. They can enter buildings through open windows/ doors or can be brought in on fabrics, soft furnishings and furniture. The female moth will lay 40-50 eggs.

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Moth Larvae Development

The eggs hatch after 4-10 days into larva which are responsible for causing the damage to fabrics and carpets. Any material that has a high natural fibre content e.g. wool, silk, fur, cotton etc. The moth larvae development into an adult moth can take from 35 days to 2 years. When the larva is ready to pupate it will spin a silken cocoon, emerging from it in 2-6 weeks as an adult moth. After the male and female mate, the male will die. The female will live 2-3 weeks longer to lay her eggs onto carpets, clothes and fabrics, keep the infestation going before she dies.

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