One of the less common forms of Pest to find around your home and in urban areas, The Mink is a semi aquatic animal, more common in the wild and known for causing vast levels of destruction to various forms of nature and wildlife in Scotland. Due to these pests living off a diet of both land and water based creatures, they have been known to significantly alter the numbers of species such as; Fish, Crayfish, Frogs, Ducks and Shrews. When in land they are known to eat Rabbits, Mice and Fowl.

People often mistake the ‘Otter’ as a Mink. Although they come from the same family, the Otter is not nearly as destructive.
Common Name(s)
European Mink, American Mink, Hebridean Mink, Sea Mink
Brown, Dark Brown, Black
No. of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of a Mink Infestation

The mink will kill over and above what it really needs to at the time of its attack – so that it can come back and eat more later, so if you find other dead animals like its prey mentioned – this can be a common sign of a mink at work. Visually inspect (without touching) for bite marks around the back of their neck. Also a Mink will stack its prey in an organised pile to come back and enjoy later. Star shaped footprints in the dirt, mud, grass or snow can be another telltale sign of a Mink at large.

The Threat They Pose

They are a skilled predator and use an overkill strategy to survive, meaning they don’t just kill a single animal to eat, they will kill the animal, its young and any eggs around at the time of their attack. So it’s easy to understand how these pests could quickly and effectively obliterate entire species of animals that are needed in the wild.

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They are notoriously a very evasive Pest, both hard to spot and catch. In recent times there has been an increase in the sightings of Mink in rural areas throughout the UK. They are a serious threat to native wildlife and have been the subject of long running management schemes both in the western isles and across North America.

Spotting a Mink

Mink are usually around thirty four to forty five centimetres and can weigh between four hundred to seven hundred grams, depending on the time of year. They are commonly known to target pheasant pens in the country however the urban landscape is not totally immune to these pests, especially if you are located on the outskirts of a city or town, surrounded by farm land and you have aquatic pets or fish in your garden or grounds – it has been know for these pests to find their way in and kill entire stocks of marine pets and wild life.

How We Can Help

It takes knowledge, experience and an understanding of these animals to catch and control them. Any minks caught, by law should be dealt with humanely and never released back into the wild. People often mistake the ‘Otter’ as a Mink and although they come from the same family, the Otter is not nearly as destructive, so its always worth getting our professional opinion if your not sure of a particular species you have discovered on your land or that you feel may require pest control management.

Here at JWL Pest Control – we provide various forms of tracking and trapping methods for Mink in and around Glasgow and surrounding areas. And we will deal with all forms of Mink Pest Treatment, Mink removal and Mink disposal.

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