A common form of Pest and Rodent to find in or around your home, workplace and throughout urban areas are Mice. At JWL Pest Control, we’re are experts in the treatment and removal of Mice and Mouse infestations in and around Glasgow and surrounding areas. We offer a range of trapping and poisoning methods along with various other techniques in the control of these pests.

Like rats, mice spread disease & germs as they travel throughout their location.
Common Name(s)
Field Mouse, House Mouse, Yellow Necked Field Mouse
Brown, White, Yellow, Black
No. of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of Mice Infestation

Common signs that indicate you have an infestation of mice are: small trails of droppings across surfaces and floors, around food cupboards and packages. A common place to check is in and around the underneath of sinks – as this is a common place for them to nest. Look out for trails of shredded paper and fabrics which indicate they are gathering materials to start building their nests. Chewed corners of food boxes and packaging as well as bored out entry holes around the base of walls and doorway entry’s are another indicator of an infestation of these pests.

The Threat They Pose

Like rats, mice spread disease and germs as they travel throughout their location as they hunt for food and materials to nest. Attracted to kitchens and food storage areas in their travels – they can spread and transmit such diseases as: Salmonella and Hantavirus amongst many others. It is a common misconception for people to look upon the discovery of a mouse or a family of mice as a far less serious problem as opposed to the discovery of a rat and they think it is a problem far less severe – Please don’t make this mistake. As stated Mice carry and spread similar bacteria and cause similar illnesses and contaminate food and food areas in the same way, they are also very destructive pests and can do serious amounts of damage to your property and home.

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They will damage pipes and insulation throughout your house causing vast levels of cost leaving you out of pocket – if they are not dealt with promptly and professionally. Floorboards, Doors and various other structures are at risk of these pests. They commonly chew through wiring and electrical cabling and will shred up and chew through soft materials for nest building. They have also been known to chew through cabling and electronics in cars and vans and are becoming a more common pest to find inhabiting vehicles – they can pose a serious risk to life if they decide to inhabit a vehicle – damaging electronic workings could in turn cause a vehicle function to fail or catch fire due to exposed wiring, endangering life while driving.

How We Can Help

If you think you have an infestation please contact JWL right away. Due to a mouse’s size being smaller than that of a rat – they have the ability to squeeze through smaller spaces and gaps, meaning they can get into places where other pests might not have even attempted to enter. We do our utmost to ensure that all pest control services are carried out humanely and professionally – taking care of your problem quickly and efficiently as well as carrying out methods to prevent any infestations from returning.

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