The wild deer of Britain are a national treasure of the nation, loved by many and often looked upon as a great wild animal – it is easy to see how many people have come to hold them in such a high regard, with this said – in recent years, wild deer have become accustomed to the presence of people and are becoming more common in urban areas and the surrounding country areas of towns and cities.

Countryside deer are now starting to venture into gardens in search of food.
Common Name(s)
Sika Deer / Fallow Deer / Roe Deer / Red Deer / Chinese Water Deer / Muntjac Deer
Brown, Reddish, Dark, Grey
No. Of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of a Deer Infestation

Common indicators to look out for which will indicate if there has been a deer stalking your yard or property is: tree damage, either tree rubbing or where branches and leaves have been stripped from branches – in particular the height of tree damage where only a deer could make such damage to the branches, with a typical height of a deer being three to six feet off the ground it is more obvious when a deer has been there as opposed to smaller rodents and pests which would not be able to do damage at the same height. Hoof-prints and deer droppings in the soil, plant beds and across laws is another detail to look out for.

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The Threat They Pose

They can cause damage to plants and trees and damage woodlands in which other wildlife depend upon to survive. Large numbers of deer gathering can often cause problems for farmers, fruit growers and the sellers of vegetable-based businesses that depend on the growth of their products for revenue and income resulting in the loss of stock and business, should a group of deer decided to feed on their land and property. Deer can also cause a major hazard on roads such as motorways and dual carriageways resulting in possible vehicles crashing and multiple pile-ups.

How We Can Help

Wild deer can be startled very easily – so approaching one with the intention of chasing it off is not always a good idea and if it is a health and safety situation, it should be handled by a trained professional, because often good intentions can backfire and do more harm than good. Here at JWL Pest control, we offer humane forms of deer control and deer management – should you have a problem contact us right away for advice, help or to hire any of our deer control services.

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