Cockroaches here in the UK fall into two main categories – those that favour cold and cool areas such as garages, basements and cellars and those that prefer hot and humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as well as other common warm rooms in the home. A cockroach infestation will not go away just by starving the infestation of food – such infestations urgently require professional pest control and only professional products, treatments and methods are strong enough to kill them off along with various preventions to stop re-infestation.

These pests came to the UK through trade routes from Asia & spread around the world
Common Name(s)
American Cockroach / Brown Banded Cockroach / German Cockroach / Oriental Cockroach
Dark Brown / Tan Brown / Dark Red / Black
No. of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

The most distinctive sign of a Cockroach infestation aside from a visual sighting is a very unpleasant odour which manifests itself as the amount of cockroaches increase. Check under sinks, around drains, behind kitchen appliances and cupboards. Should you find any signs – urgent and professional help should be sought as these pests can spread to neighbouring homes and properties if ignored.

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The Threat They Pose

Cockroaches are known carries of hazardous diseases such as dysentery, gastro enteritis and salmonella – posing a serious health risk in the home and workplace. Links to increases in both eczema and asthma have been found in the presence of cockroach droppings. It cannot be underestimated how tough it is to get rid of these pests once an infestation has started and they spread like wildfire. Cockroaches can adapt and breed in a variety of climates, conditions and environments – making them one of the toughest species to get rid of. It is believed that these pests came to the UK through trade routes from Asia and spread around the world, The German Cockroach is not from the country as its name suggests but also from Asia. The German cockroach is approximately twelve to fifteen millimetres long and can fly, it also has the ability to scale and climb smooth surfaces. The female of this variety produces six egg cases during its life time with thirty six cockroaches being produced from each egg. This particular species is known to live up to nine months. The Oriental Cockroach is much bigger in size and is usually found on ground level as it can’t climb or fly, this type is usually around thirty millimetres in length. Professional treatment is Essential for the eradication of Cockroaches.

How We Can Help

We have a wealth of experience in the treatment and removal of Cockroaches in and around Glasgow and surrounding areas. With various chemical treatments, insect baits and pesticides at our disposal we have been called upon many times to rid homes and businesses of these tenacious pests and also carry out procedures to prevent re infestation.

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