Bees are not protected by law, however as they are pollinators, we will only kill bees as a last resort. Here at JWL Pest Control, we will do everything we possibly can to rehome bee colonies. The only time we will kill them, is if they have made their nest/hive in a place that is dangerous to human health, i.e. – in a gas boiler vent, back of tumble dryers, in cavities walls or if you suffer from anaphylactic shock from insect bites or stings.

Bees are social insects that live in colonies & numbers can reach the tens of thousands
Common Name(s)
Solitary Bee / Honey Bee / Mason Bee / Bumble Bee
Yellow / Black / Orange / Red
No. of Legs
Does It Have Wings?

Signs of a Bee Infestation

Its not uncommon to see bees in your garden or around flower beds and plant pots, it is often a sign that summer is on its way, however if you are experiencing high numbers of bees, much like the wasp – watch the insect’s movements and try to identify where they are going so you can try and trace them back to their source. Visually check trees, garages, roof edgings and cellars for potential hives, please only do this standing and from ground level – Do not climb any ladders or roofs endangering your life to inspect for infestations of bees, call us at JWL and remove all risk of this, we are trained professionals and its what we do for you. If you don’t see any visual signs of a hive, listen out for the sound of bees – with their ‘buzzing’ noise, you may get an indication of where they might be.

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Species of Bees

There are many species of bees, the most common ones you will see are:

The Mason Bee – you will see it flying around south facing brickwork when the sun is out. They are totally harmless and their sting cannot penetrate human skin.

The Bumble Bee – Again these are totally harmless – a placid bee. They will only attack if its nest is threatened, disturbed or you are trying to kill it. The sting is not barbed, so the female bumble bee can sting numerous times if threatened. They live in nests of between thirty to three hundred plus bees in the height of the summer.

The Honey Bee – Like the mason and bumble bee, honey bees are placid creatures that will only attack if threatened. The sting of the female honey bee is barbed, therefore if a honey bee stings you, the sting will become stuck in your skin. The bee will struggle to escape, tearing herself away, leaving the sting and the venom sack behind, flying off a short distance before she dies. The honey bee like other bees, just want to get on with their lives, which is short at about forty-five days. They are social insects that live in colonies/hives and numbers can reach the tens of thousands.

How We Can Help

Here at ‘JWL Pest Control’ we can quickly and effectively remove bees and their hives. We are fully qualified and equipped to deal with this for you, we offer a range of chemical solutions such as liquid and dust insecticides. We have extensive experience in the treatment and removal of bee hives throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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