Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

These pests can be hell to live with. They are on the increase and becoming far more common throughout the UK. If you suspect you have a bedbug infestation contact us immediately. With this particular infestation, it is worth considering the wellbeing of your family as these pests thrive on human blood as you sleep. Give us a call today for our quick & effective bed bug control services in Glasgow!

These pests thrive on human blood as you sleep
Common Name(s)
Cimex Lectularius / Bedbug
Red, Brown, Light Brown, Dark
No. of legs
Does it have wings?

Signs of Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug signs to look out for are the rashes and itching they cause to the skin through their biting. Look out for these signs both on you and your family. If your child or baby is uncomfortable during the night or as they wake – it’s always worth getting checked out by a medical professional, it is much better to be safe than sorry. As stated they remain hidden during the day, they hide out in tiny cracks and under various surfaces and objects. It is not the type of thing you will see running around on your bed, potentially lots of them could be doing this during the night and in the dark as you sleep. Aside from the signs of bites to the body and skin, irritation as you sleep and the unbearable itching from the bites they leave behind – other key signs to look out for are: dark stains on mattresses, along the edging and stitching of bed sheets; Infestations of bedbug create a sweet, sickly odour in the environment. It’s also worth checking along carpet edges and underlay’s, bed frames and headboards and in between the joins in floorboards and even hairline cracks in plaster or paint on room walls, as these are common areas for them to hide.

The Threat They Pose

It’s a misconception that bedbugs will only manifest in a dirty or unclean environment – the reality is quite the opposite: attracted to heat and carbon dioxide when you are asleep in your bed. Due to the fact that they are nocturnal by nature, they will only come out at night in the dark and possible signs you will see of them during the day is if one has shed its skin and left it behind, blood spots or smear marks on mattress – being a tell-tale sign that you have an infestation – it’s also possible to spot live bedbugs but this is rare especially during the day. It is also worth having a clutter-free environment, as clutter and untidiness can give them the advantage of more places to hide, breed and remain undetected.

bed bugs

These pests will essentially stay near to their food source. They will spread like other pests coming out in numbers when you are sleeping or in an area where you tend to rest a lot, this means it is not exclusively bedrooms where you will find them, they can manifest anywhere where someone commonly rests and sleeps. The idea of these pests coming out and feeding on you while you sleep can cause a great deal of stress and lack of sleep – which the human body needs, as well as this mental stress the bites they give you can cause serious irritations and also lead to infections from the scratching – even the cleanest homes, can get bed bugs. These pests can come from travelling such as on or in luggage, suitcases, packed clothing – Perhaps through work or business travel, staying at hotels and bed and breakfasts a lot or you have maybe just come back from holiday, bedbugs can travel far and wide without your realizing it. Hotels and other forms of guest houses can be common places to pick them up from.

How We Can Help

The treatment and removal of Bed Bugs can only really be assured by a professional like us. Yes, you can take various measures and buy many store bought products to try and combat these infestations but they are never truly gone and re-infestation is highly likely unless treated using professional techniques and high-end products which we provide. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of – it takes a detailed knowledge as well as tried and tested methods. We have found from experience that many infestations require more than one round of pest control treatment to completely remove the problem – ensuring the health and safety of you and your family. We have been called upon many times to get rid of Bed Bugs in a wide range of homes, businesses, hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments. We use a combination of the latest chemical treatments and deep cleaning techniques.

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