Although ants represent a low level of threat to human health in their individual forms – infestations can quickly spread throughout homes and businesses and once colonies of ants have started they can quickly spread and grow out of control, something which none of us want on our property. At JWL Pest Control, we provide some of the most effective Ant Control methods in Glasgow to help in getting the pest out of your property!

Ants will pass through untold materials, dirt and bacteria in search of their food sources
Common Name(s)
Garden Ant / Ghost Ant / Pharos Ant
Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown
No. of legs
Does it have wings?

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Signs to look out for that will indicate if you have an ant infestation are Small mounds and heaps of earth, dirt or soil around holes on various surfaces which will give an indication of ants beneath the surface. If ant infestations are left untreated it can lead to your entire house or business needing a full treatment, meaning your having to find alternative accommodation while your home or business is chemically treated for these pests – so it’s best to contact us right away if you think you have an infestation, to prevent the problem getting to an out of control level and nip the problem in the bud. As stated ants can invade homes and businesses.

The Threat They Pose

Ants will contaminate food stocks and food surfaces as they search for various food sources and if ignored and not dealt with at the early stages they can infest entire buildings. However infestations are common in the summer months and they can potentially start an infestation in a warm area or location in your home and grow – away from the weather conditions outside. The most common type you will find will be the Garden/ Black ant variety. Ants like most pests will pass through untold materials, dirt and bacteria in search of their food sources and it’s what they bring with them on their travels that cause the contamination and problems for your health. Ants will travel a much wider range than other pests, in their search for food. Although you will more commonly see ants marching in little groups across a surface, you do see large group of flying ants – this is male and female black garden ants they mate on the wing. These ants have the sole purpose of reproducing and once they have successfully mated the males die and the females (queens] carry on to start a new cell.

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How We Can Help

JWL Pest control offers a complete service for the infestation of ants, from tracking down their food sources and identifying where they are coming from, as well as sealing off any points of entry to their colony after the infestation has been dealt with. We offer many solutions to this problem including ant bait stations, along with various pesticides and chemical treatments. We are a one-stop shop and experts in the treatment and removal of Ant infestations in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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