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Pest Control Services East Kilbride: Hire a Professional


Hiring professional pest control services in East Kilbride is a far better option than attempting to combat the problem yourself, as trained technicians have the knowledge and full range of equipment required for a safe, effective and humane treatment. They also fully understand the need to consider the safety of household pets, children, and other residents when picking treatment and control methods whereas DIY methods can be dangerous; store-bought pesticides are harmful when ingested so particularly pose a risk to children and pets.



Rat Control in East Kilbride


rat control east kilbride


Much like Glasgow, and the rest of South Lanarkshire, East Kilbride is facing serious rodent issues and little is being done to combat it. Thankfully, we here at JWL Pest Control are at your service when it comes to Rat Control in East Kilbride! We carry out specialist pest control methods to ensure a safe and professional job, leaving your property rat-free. Not only do we carry out specialist rodent control in East Kilbride (With No Callout Charge), we also sell Rat Traps in our online shop along with a wide range of Pest Control Products to help prevent any infestations from starting. Think you’ve got a rodent infestation issue? Give us a call today!



Ant Removal in East Kilbride


ant removal east kilbride


It’s fair to say that, in Scotland overall, we don’t get many days where the sun’s splitting the trees and temperatures are soaring. But, when we do, ants go crazy for it – we’re not the only ones who like the heat! Ants are an example of insects that thrive in the heat and come out in numbers whenever they feel the heat. This can become really inconvenient when trying to sit outside and enjoy the good weather only to be swarmed by hundreds of black ants – who will almost definitely find a way into your home. Not only will they build their colonies out in your garden, they’ll also try to invade your home to scavenge any food they can get their hands on. To avoid ant infestations this summer, call us at JWL for expert ant removal in East Kilbride to keep your property free from an infestation.¬†If you’re only getting one or two ants venturing into your property, and don’t have a full-blown infestation, then consider trying the Maxforce LN Ant Bait Station Traps available in our online shop.

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Choosing a Professional Pest Control Company


Some of the things you should look out for in a Pest Control Company is if they are a member of the National Pest Technicians Associations (NPTA), whether their service carries full insurance cover and the qualifications that they carry – for example, the Royal Society for Public Health’s Level 2 qualification has been developed in partnership with the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and fulfils the legal requirement for the training of a pest control technician.



Why Hire Pest Exterminators?


Perhaps the most prevalent need for pest control is to get rid of unwanted bugs; wasp nest removals is a must¬†while cockroaches can spread disease, but often creepy crawlies are more of a nuisance than a genuine danger to your health. But that’s not to say that leaving an insect infestation unchecked doesn’t carry its own problems and can cause significant damage to your home. JWL Pest Control have the expertise needed as an effective insect exterminator in East Kilbride, providing for the removal and control of all insects and even offer a service to identify rare cases.


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JWL are leading pest exterminator Glasgow-based experts, with years of experience in providing pest control to all Glasgow and mainland PA postcodes. With an emphasis on prevention where possible, the fully qualified team at JWL Pest Control are proficient at dealing with common infestation problems and are a top mice and rat exterminator in East Kilbride. They also boast a specialist bird control team, which will not only help remove your infestation but work to proof against any reoccurrence. Whether it’s for your home, allotment, farm, commercial or industrial property, JWL can provide a tailored solution whatever the need.

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