House Clearances

Why You Should Use a Professional House Clearance Service

Owning your own property or property business can seem stressful at times, especially when faced with tenants who leave your property in an uninhabitable state. How do you even begin to start cleaning up the mess? This can be difficult due to time constraints, running your business and juggling family commitments. This is when you really need to call in the professionals in house clearances.


Quick and Efficient House Clearance Services

quick and effective house clearances


House clearances, when carried out by a professional cleaning company, provide a quick and efficient deep clean. When you own a property or run a property business and time is of the essence, the quicker a house is cleared and made habitual once more, the better. We clear and clean all houses to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring that the next tenant can move straight in.


The Safer Option

the safer option


One of the hazards when contemplating home clearance yourself, is that of encountering medical waste, such as used needles and other sharp implements. We have the correct equipment and trained staff who can safely move and dispose of such waste. This makes the clearance process not only safer, but less stressful.


The Cost-Effective Option

the cost effective option


Using a professional home clearance service may seem as if you are spending unnecessary money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to tackle a house clearance yourself then you’d have to schedule time to clear the house, purchase the relevant safety clothing and dispose of all waste correctly. Doing all of this yourself will cost you considerably more than hiring a professional house clearance company.


Getting Rid of Problem Pests

problem pest control


In some cases the property may have been severely neglected and as a result may have become a home to unwanted pests. One of the huge benefits of using our clearance service is that we also provideĀ  pest control, so we can tackle this problem for you during the house clearance process.

We can deal with most unwanted house pests by providing ant, wasp, cockroach, woodworm control and rodent control in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about our clearance and control services, then please do give us a call today.

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