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Why You Need the Experts in Garden Clearance

why you need the experts in garden clearance


It’s understandable that sometimes life’s demands mean you might need to call in the experts to help with restoring your outside spaces to their best, whether that’s because they’re overgrown beyond your control, you’ve discovered there are unwanted surprises lurking there, or you’re just ready for a fresh start.

If all this sounds familiar, then JWL’s expert team are the easiest way to deal with your Garden Clearance in the Glasgow area.



Start Over

start over


Our specialists in garden clearance remove all kinds of waste from gardens and land across the region, leaving you with a blank canvas which you can bring back into service however you want. We’ll come to you, and take away all the unwanted items which are currently cluttering your garden space.



Experienced in Garden Clearances

experienced in garden clearances


We only hire experienced and professional staff who work with homeowners, landlords, letting agents and commercial clients to provide a tailor-made clearance service for their individual needs. This may involve removing general domestic waste, hazardous waste, furniture, electrical items, and dangerous drug paraphernalia. As a responsible waste clearance company, we supply all the equipment needed to safely dispose of the unwanted items and transport them away so that they can be sorted and disposed of. Wherever possible, we’ll recycle the items so that they can be reused or repurposed, and don’t go to landfill.



Garden Pest Control Specialists

garden pest control specialists


Thanks to our extensive experience in Garden Pest Control, we can also make sure that any unwanted inhabitants are removed from the outside area, reducing the risk to your home and those around you. Our knowledge of pest control means that we can advise you on the best way to prevent the pests from returning for good, even after we’ve cleared your garden.



Notice the Difference

notice the difference


Everyone knows that a clear and well-maintained garden not only looks good, it’s considerably less appealing to potential intruders. Clearing unwanted waste from your garden makes a real difference to your neighbourhood, and our garden clearances are probably a lot more affordable than you might think.

If your garden has got out of hand, or your land is out of control, it’s time to call in JWL and get ready to enjoy your outside space the way you want to.

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