• Pest Control Products

    Professional Pest Control Products We've had a great summer this year. With temperatures soaring, it's been like living in Spain! One downside to this is the fact that with the heat comes many different types of pe.. read more

  • ant control and removal in glasgow

    Ant Control Glasgow

    Ant Control in Glasgow   With the increase in hot weather as our summer temperatures are set soaring — reaching the highest we have experienced in a long time — there's been a knock on effect in ter.. read more

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    Rodent Control Glasgow

    The Glasgow Rodent Control Epidemic   The City of Glasgow and surrounding areas is currently being over run with rodents – Rats in Particular. With many big stories hitting the media of late and with a su.. read more

  • Wasp Removal Glasgow

    Here at JWL we carry out Wasp Removal and Control in Glasgow and Surrounding Areas on a daily basis – Do not risk it, Call us today and we'll come and evaluate your issue with No Callout Charge. So, should you .. read more

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    Why You Need the Experts in Garden Clearance   It's understandable that sometimes life’s demands mean you might need to call in the experts to help with restoring your outside spaces to their best, wh.. read more

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    House Clearances

    Why You Should Use a Professional House Clearance Service Owning your own property or property business can seem stressful at times, especially when faced with tenants who leave your property in an uninhabitable st.. read more

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    Pest Prevention Benefits

    Importance of Pest Prevention   Pests are known carriers of harmful bacteria and can easily contaminate food items causing serious ailments. As a home or business owner, pest prevention improves the hygiene.. read more

  • Pest Control Services East Kilbride

    Pest Control Services East Kilbride: Hire a Professional   Hiring professional pest control services in East Kilbride is a far better option than attempting to combat the problem yourself, as trained techni.. read more

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    Pest Control Services Glasgow

    Pest Control Services in Glasgow: 4 Common Problems   Any household can be affected by unwanted pests. These can be in the form of insects, rodents and even birds. Below we share four household pests and th.. read more