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With the increase in hot weather as our summer temperatures are set soaring — reaching the highest we have experienced in a long time — there’s been a knock on effect in terms of the insects, bugs and pests. We are now experiencing more and more of than ever before. Ants are a prime example which thrives in the hot weather, bringing them onto your property. So, before it gets out of hand, consider Ant Control in Glasgow from experienced professionals.



Our Ant Control Services in Glasgow

Along window ledges are common in the current climate due to the sun reflecting through the glass thus creating a very comfortable environment for ants to gather and spread. To combat this, we offer ant control and removal in Glasgow and surrounding areas.


Ideal Conditions

Ants thrive on warm dry conditions and humid climates. Large ant infestations are common abroad but, in the UK’s current heat wave, we’re seeing more and more infestations in house conservatories, porches and various other extended rooms built upon properties. These particular extensions act like a green house in the hot conditions and you are sure to notice an increase in ants and similar insects and bugs.


The Risks & Dangers

Although ants do not pose an immediate health risk, they do carry bacteria and attack food stocks — contaminating food surfaces such as kitchen worktops and food storage cupboards. If ants are left untreated they can become a health hazard over time. They are very committed and tenacious in their mission to spread and the key is not to kill them instantly, the main aim is to trick them into taking our treatments back to their colonies and nests in order to kill them off in one go.

We are experts and carry out these procedures on a daily basis with outstanding results; we also treat the area to ensure they do not come back. Get in touch with us now for safe and professional Ant Removal Services in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

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