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We are the leading local experts in pest control and service all G Glasgow postcodes and mainland PA postcode areas.

Family run and 100% local with fully trained and qualified pest control services for Homes, Gardens, Outbuildings, Allotments, Commercial, Industrial, Business, Farms, Equestrian, Restaurants and much more.

Domestic Home Pest Control
A wide range of unwelcome animals, insects and pests can make their way into your home and onto your property - both damaging it and causing potential health risks to you, your family and pets. JWL Pest Control should be your first point of contact - should you feel you have a pest infestation of any kind.
domestic pest control
Commercial, Industrial & Business Pest Control
At JWL, we offer a wide range of specialist pest control services to all manner of businesses throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas. From food based businesses such as restaurants and cafes to hotels and guest houses to industrial warehouses and shops – making sure your problem is dealt with swiftly and professionally making sure you don’t suffer any loss of business or revenue owing to pests.
commercial industrial pest control
Agricultural, Farms, Equestrian Pest Control
We understand the types of problems that can be caused by pest infestations on farms and within agricultural based businesses and it is why we offer a wide range of professional services to suit a variety of situations – both taking into consideration the animals and live stock which may be present but also the danger of any pest control measures affecting crops or any plantation.
agricultural pest control
Specialist Bird Control & Proofing Team
JWL are proud to offer and provide its very own bird control and proofing team – consisting of experts with many years of industry experience in all areas of bird species and the control measures need to keep them at bay. They will assess and give expert advice on the best measures to take in order to deal with your problem, be it a single bird or an entire flock.
Firearm & Shotgun License
We're fully licensed and trained in the use of firearms & shotguns as a means of pest control. We are fully trained and licensed to be carrying and implementing the use of Air Weapons and Firearms. We will always deal with every form of pest control humanely and professionally.
firearm and shotgun license
Fully Insured with £5 Million Liability Insurance
For the customer & client’s full piece of mind - JWL are fully insured with a Five Million Pound liability in place, so you can be sure that any work carried out is covered by any damage which might occur from any of the services which are provided.
fully insured pest control
Identification Services
We're experts in every field of pest control, from insects and bug infestations, bees and wasps to wild animals such as deer, foxes and mink – with an in depth knowledge gained through many years of experience we offer an identification services which can identify any rare or unknown species which you may encounter.
pest identification services
fully insured – public liability

Fully Insured with £5 million liability insurance

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