Although they present little hazard to human health, ants invading your home or business can contaminate food stocks and so on. Left unchecked, they can quickly infest a building.


Effective treatment of bedbugs is a combination of the latest chemical treatment and deep cleaning. Many infestations will require more than one round of pest control measures. Increasingly common in the UK, if you suspect bedbug, call us immediately.


This tiny, jumping insect can be a problem in any property and not just those with pets. Dealing with a flea infestation takes a mix of chemical treatment and cleaning, as well as determination. Like bedbugs, more than one round of treatment may be needed.


In the UK, there are only two species of cockroach – those that prefer the cool of cellars, and those that prefer the heat of the kitchen. Cockroaches are not an infestation that will go away on its own; they spread disease that is dangerous to human health. Professional treatment is needed, so call us today.

Rats & Mice

Both of these rodents are dangerous for two reasons – the damage they cause and the potentially deadly bacteria they spread. Rats or mice in or around your property need to be dealt with quickly and humanely. Prevention of future infestations is also key.

Wasps & Bees

Capable of delivering a nasty sting, both of these insects are feared by people. Making nests in or around a property can present significant issues. Dealing with these nests should only be done, on safety grounds, by a qualified pest control, so call John today. We can quickly and effectively remove bees and wasps for a very affordable fee.


Often referred to as The Velvet Gentleman, moles themselves do not present a health risk, however their molehills are an unwelcome sight strewn across prized lawns, bowling greens, golf courses and so on. Molehills can also make the ground unstable and can present a HIGH risk to farm animals and horses.


A beetle rather than a worm, these tiny creatures live undetected in all kinds of wood structures, including roof trusses, furniture and so on. They need to be dealt with quickly to prevent further damage and our professional treatments can eliminate woodworm.


Like moles, rabbits are seen as cute and cuddly – unless their population is out of control causing massive damage to land. All landowners are legally compelled to control rabbits on their land. There are a number of ways of doing this, including proofing techniques and culling. Not only a rural issue, they can cause issues in industrial and urban areas too.


A clever animal that has learnt to adapt to the urban environment, foxes cause nothing more than a nuisance. But, getting rid of foxes can be time consuming and costly. The answer lays in prevention. Call us today if you are having an issue with a fox.

Birds, pigeons & seagulls

All birds have the potential to become a nuisance. Roosting birds cause damage to buildings with their droppings and by flocking in large numbers. They can also spread disease through their droppings too. Some birds, such as seagulls, can be aggressive as they protect their young. Like other pests, prevention with proofing measures is the best solution.

We are proud to offer a specialist bird proofing team that can assess the problem and implement the best proofing plan. We also can deal with one-off bird issues and small jobs.

Carpet beetles

A large species group, the beetle such as carpet beetles, can quickly invest a home. More of a nuisance than a danger to health, they can cause damage as they ‘eat’ carpets and other soft furnishings. Understanding the breeding cycle is the key to effective eradication, coupled with our professional treatment.


These tiny critters will appear wherever there is a food source, including food left out on worktops, compost bins, refuse bins and so on. Sometimes, these food sources can be more organic and hidden. We can exterminate all types of flies including the most common cluster fly.


This insect can be found in buildings all year round. Preferring natural fibers in carpets, soft furnishing, rugs and stored clothes, finding one moth will mean there are others hiding in dark places and spaces. We can diagnose and eliminate moth problems.


A large species groups, insects can be anything from cluster flies to fruit flies, ladybirds to spiders and more. Weather conditions will often affect their population numbers, which can make them a nuisance in and around the home or business. Unlikely to be a danger to human health, they can be an unpleasant nuisance that needs to be dealt with quickly. We remove, control and exterminate all types of insects and even can identify rare cases.


The squirrel can occasionally choose to make their home in roof spaces and lofts. Not only are they noisy, they can also cause damage with their constant gnawing which leads to health risks. Dealing with squirrels is for the specialist controller as there are specific laws relating to trapping and euthanising – do NOT attempt to deal with squirrels yourself. Call John today to discuss removing squirrels.

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